Prof. (Dr.) Soma Bandyopadhyay.

Teachers build society. Children look up to them as their role model. Professional teachers know well how to mould the minds of the younger generation who is our future.

West Bengal has always been the front runner in education and this university will play a key role in re-establishing it. This new university of ours resolves to lay down an entirely new roadmap for Teachers’ Education in West Bengal. I assure you, with your cooperation in this regard, this road map generated in West Bengal will give directions to the rest of the country in future.

The present day teaching methodologies are going through constant review and research. Inclusion is becoming the key word of all the approaches. This has forced Teacher Education to face difficult challenges. We want to share the global effort to accept the challenge. We look into all the aspects very carefully and they will be continuously revised and made up-to-date. The Government has the goodwill; and we have the expertise. We will try to build this university as the reference point for all the teachers of universities, teachers’ training colleges and institutes so that the existing knowledge is constantly reviewed and enriched, new knowledge is generated and the same is transferred and implemented uniformly throughout the state.

Our task is huge. But we are confident, our united struggle will achieve the goal . We will enter into every detail of teaching-learning activities in the state; we will compare it with what is done at other Colleges, Institutes and Universities of our country and abroad. We will introduce a new wave in the ocean of teaching – learning and teacher education that will have its origin in West Bengal with a heritage of India and flow in all the directions over the globe to learn and to propagate. Teachers will be the key players in that achievement.